Solomon Technology Thailand Company Limited was founded on 12 March 1992 with registered capital of 30 million baht. At the beginning, the company has expertise in electronic components and has been assigned as the distributor of electronic equipment of the leading brands from abroad. Later, its business involves the telecommunication industry. Being the pioneer of Hi-Speed ​​Internet, Solomon supply equipment to the main internet service providers such as TOT, CAT etc. The technology has been top up through introducing Wireless Transmission technology to support Internet service providers for network extension to the remote area. This increasing Internet access of the people in the rural area.

Now, the Company has expanded its business to energy saving lamps or LED bulbs and Renewable Energy to supply the multi-demand of customer in Thailand, based on better quality of life.

Due to superior quality of products and services, both government and private sector including more than 500 commercial partners rely on Solomon Technology. The company also provides counseling by specific specialists aiming to give the best to the customer.


Distributor of advanced premium technology with regard to product quality and value for consumers as the first priority. Entirely and thoroughly knowledge of the products to ensure customers trust and reliability.

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