Point to point (PtP)

Point to point is a single route connection of two devices via a media such as copper cable or radio frequency. For wireless technology the media is radio frequency. The base station is called “Base” and the destination is called “CPE”.

The advantages of the Point to Point connection.

  • Data transfer with high speed without share with other links.
  • Better frequency management.
  • The problems of link can be easily found enabling faster remedy.
  • High network security, high privacy.

Point to multipoint (PtmP / PMP)

The device is connected from one point to other points (devices) in many locations via media such as copper cable or radio frequency. The data is transmitted from the same starting point to other points more than one route. The base station is called “Base” and “CPE1, CPE2…..” are the designated endpoints.

The advantages of the multipoint network.

  • The data can be transmitted many routs simultaneously.
  • Reduce cost due to less equipment compared with Point to Point.

Wireless access point ( Wireless AP)

Devices that enable wireless client devices such as smartphone, tablet etc. to connect to the network. The data is transmitted between client devices and internet via radio frequency.