What is AirMax?

AirMax is a specific wireless synchronized technology in Ubiquiti which increases efficiency and quality of Point to Point or to Multi Point connection.

Which Ubiquiti models include AirMax

AirMax in included in all Ubiquiti Wireless Outdoor.

( except access point UniFi with software controller and mFi series)

Is AirMax compatible with other wireless brands?

No, because AirMax is specifically developed for only Ubiquiti wireless device ( user can switch Airmax on or off)

What are Ubiquiti products?

Currently, Ubiquiti products include network devices for all applications except for cable, fiber optic and coaxial transmission.


What are Ubiquiti supports for Solomon customer?

Solomon engineers are well trained directly from Ubiquiti Academy, ensuring the knowledge and ability in Ubiquiti service. The different services from other distributors are as follows.
• Setting Specifications
• Design Solution
• Training both theory and practice.
• Device Configuration
• Warranty
• Operation counseling


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