Is Cambium model ePMP compatible with other brands?

If you want to use ePMP with other wireless devices, you can select Standard Wi-Fi mode on the ePMP device (other wireless devices must work with the Standard Wi-Fi Technology).

What is the different between special features in bandwidth ratio adjustment of ePMP and other wireless devices?

Generally, bandwidth ratio or upload / download of wireless devices is 50/50. Some applications require unbalanced bandwidth ratio such as IP CCTV, VDO streaming one way to wireless base. So, required upload is more than download. This feature enables users to get full throughput performance.

Why do ePMP has less radio frequency interferance than other brands.

The Spectrum Analyzer Feature of ePMP enables the installer to select the proper frequency.

What applications are ePMP suitable for?

ePMP is suitable for applications which require wireless to replace all types of wired-line, coaxial – LAN – fiber optic.

How far can ePMP transmit and how much throughput attained?

The distance along line of sight that attains aggregate throughput up to 200 Mbps (depends on site topography) is 3 kilometers. The throughput loss increases as the distance increases.

What is the highlight of ePMP?

Adjusting the average upload and download upon the actual use or download/upload ratio. Normally this feature exists in the enterprise wireless. This enables user to get full throughput performance. Other features in enterprise product are included in ePMP. The quality and stability are assured by Motorola manufacturer.

Is ePMP conflict with the legal regulations.

Currently, imported ePMP sold by Solomon meets the requirements of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) regulations such as allowable frequency and power transmission. So, the users can install ePMP legally.

What are ePMP different from other models such as PTP450, PMP650?

Cambium Networks PTP, PMP are enterprise models with higher security, higher throughput and longer distant than ePMP.

What are the different between Cambium PTP and PMP

PTP is used in Point to Point.

PMP is used in Point to Multipoint.

For PTP and PMP, there are sub-models such as PTP200, PTP650, PMP 450, PMP450i etc.

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